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Ryusuke Hashimoto starts a business of large-screen visual editing and its screen presentation in Den-en-chōfu (Ohta-ku, Tokyo).
Croco Interface Inc. is established in Den-en-chōfu and sets up a visual editing studio in Sumiyoshi-cho (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo).
Croco Interface Inc. is renamed to Biz Croco Inc. The capital is increased to 18 million yen. The head office is relocated to Yayoi-cho (Nakano-ku, Tokyo). The corporate's presentation studio is established for simultaneous sound and visual editing.
Biz Tech Inc. is established for rental and sales of visual, sound, and lighting equipment.
Biz Auvist Inc. is established for total software & hardware support framework of multimedia presentation to enhance the video software production service.
The Biz Croco head office is relocated to the present location (Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo).
Biz Auvist Inc. is merged into Biz Croco Inc. The capital is increased to 30 million yen. The educational division is established for corporate educational program planning and lecturer dispatch service.
Biz Tech office is combined with the head office to promptly provide total service of Biz group. The capital is increased to 50 million yen.  Seminar Room "Coco-de-sica" is opened as a private educational institution.
Biz Croco Inc. launches Coco-de-sica Website for educational services including staffing service of lecturers, planning and management of seminars, and operation of meeting rooms. The corporate vision begins to aim to build 3 pillars of the services adding education to visuals and event as the Biz direction for the 21st century.
Biz Tech Inc. establishes a technical center in Shinonome (Koto-ku, Tokyo) integrating the office of AV equipment rental and storage space.
Biz Croco Inc. opens a new-style rental meeting salon "Cuore Omotesando" on Kotto Dori in April and rental meeting rooms "Esta Toranomon", directly connected to the station, in August.
Biz Tech Inc. is merged into Biz Croco Inc. Increases capital to 60 million yen.
"USTREAM STUDIO+ AOYAMA TOKYO 1st" is opened as an official partner of the Ustream Asia and begins broadcasting of the internet channel, "Coco-de-sicaTV".