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We always put people first

We are indeed supported by a large number of people such as people inside and outside of the company, and people we have already met and will meet in the future. Looking back on 25 years of Biz Croco as well as 40 years of my personal life, we have encountered right people at the right time at each milestone. They brought us where we are today. People are our foundation.

Five services of Biz Croco are ordered, planned, created, and implemented by the people. In the process of achieving our goals, the experience and knowhow accumulate in individuals, teams, and the company. The knowledge will be applied to our next mission.

In the challenging information age

A flood of information overwhelms us these days. The recipients have to sort out valuable and necessary information for themselves while the senders need to send desired information to the recipients. In other words, the recipients and the senders need to refine the quality of the information by mentoring each other.

To share inspiration

We regard our casting services including Coco-de-sica TV as activities to encourage people in this information society to gather and educate each other. There are new encounters between the people we invite or feature and those participated as attendants, listeners, and viewers. Casting talented specialists gives us opportunities to meet people who are in step with times of today and the future and it will enable us to send more "flexible" information through the people who add value to it.

There are always encounters with people. People are the most valuable resources and major assets. With assistance of the experience, knowhow, a fair amount of talents, and leading-edge technologies, we aim to build a relationship with you to explore together for exciting encounters with new people and share our inspiration and pure spirit.
We will keep learning to develop our relationship with you in more meaningful and fruitful ways. I sincerely appreciate your continuing support and encouragement.
Thank you very much for your attention.

Ryusuke Hashimoto
President & CEO
Biz Croco Inc.