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Basic Policy Concerning Personal Information Protection

Basic Policy

Biz Croco Inc. recognizes that it is one of the most important issues and our social liability to protect personal information when we conduct our business activities. We endeavor to protect personal information by establishing the rules concerning personal information protection, maintaining their compliance system, and handling the information properly and safely.

Activities Related to Personal Information Protection

We carry out the following activities to realize the basic policy concerning personal information protection.

  • We comply with the laws & regulations and other codes pertaining to personal information.
  • We appoint a person in charge of personal information protection and empower the responsible person to enforce and manage the rules in order to promote the protection system of personal information.
  • We appoint a person in charge of audit for personal information protection to audit the status of the activities of personal information protection regularly.
  • We review the rules and their maintenance based on the audit result.
  • We request the corporations and individuals who do business with us to cooperate on personal information protection.

Handling of Personal Information

  • Collection/Use/Provision of Personal Information
    When collecting personal information, we identify the purpose of use and use the information only to the extent of the specified purpose.
  • Verification/Correction/Deletion of Personal Information
    When verification, correction, or deletion of personal information is requested, we will respond the request in a reasonable time and appropriate scope.
  • Safety Measures
    We implement safety measures to prevent the personal information we collected from being leaked to outside, unfairly altered, etc.

Handling of Customers' Personal Information

We handle customers' personal information in a proper manner based on the basic policy above so that the customers can use our services with a sense of security.

Voluntary Submission of Personal Information

When providing our services to customers, we may ask for personal information. It is voluntary for customers to provide personal information to us. (Please note that some of our services may not be available for customers who chose not to provide the personal information.)

Purpose of Use

We collect personal information of customers for the following purposes:

  • To inform customers of our products, events, services we provide, or any relevant information for selecting products via mail, etc.
  • To contact regarding orders such as reservation, pick-up, repair, process of our products.
  • To deliver our products.
  • To settle invoices.
  • To provide maintenance and repair services for the products or services we provided.

Use and Retention of Personal Information

We use the personal information obtained from a customer only for the specified purpose. When the purpose is fulfilled, we will retain the personal information for a certain period for the inquiry purpose, etc. We will delete the personal information by an appropriate means such as shredding, incinerating, etc. once the retention period is due.

Deposit of Personal Information

When we use the personal information of customers, we may sometimes deposit the personal information to the corporations or individuals who are our business partners to fulfill the specified purpose. These business partners are obligated to control the personal information appropriately and strictly on the same level as we do.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will never provide any personal information of our customers to third parties without prior consent of the relevant customers unless the laws and regulations, etc. (delete otherwise) require.

Safety Measures for Personal Information

We implement safety measures to prevent personal information of customers from being illegally accessed, lost, destroyed, falsified, leaked, etc.

Inquires regarding Personal Information

For a request of verification, correction, or deletion of personal information, please contact us to the following contact. We will promptly respond the request after verifying that the relevant personal information belongs to the requestor. If you have any question or inquiry on our privacy policy, please contact us at the email address below.


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